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Sometimes you could not avoid a criminal conviction. But there are cases where mistakes were made: by you, your lawyer, the prosecutor, the judge, the jury. That is what an appeal is for. In other cases only later we find out that it was unfair how you were convicted or sentenced. That is when you need postconviction relief.

If you have been convicted or plead guilty but feel that you should appeal, you must contact us as soon as possible. You only have a few weeks to appeal. If that time has passed, however, you might still be able to use other forms of postconviction relief. As your appeals attorney, we will thoroughly investigate your case for any mistakes that might bring you relief. We also can help you with expungement, and even with asking for a pardon. Do not give up hope!

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We offer representation for criminal appeals and post-conviction relief in all Southern California counties (Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, Imperial).

We do not offer this service in Arizona. If you are an immigrant in Arizona needing post-conviction relief we will refer you to an experienced Arizona post-conviction relief attorney while we will handle the immigration part of your case.