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Are you in danger to be deported? Have you or a loved one been arrested by ICE? These are the four steps you must take immediately:

Step 1:

Hire an attorney and have the facts of your case reviewed. Don't wait!
Don’t attempt to defend yourself without an experienced attorney. Don’t wait until your court date is coming up. Your future in this country is at stake! Fight for your future in the U.S., it is worth it. Call us now! We will evaluate if you have a case and what defense will be best for you.

Step 2:

Get released on bond (bail)

In many cases a detained immigrant can be released until his or her day in court. We can ask a judge to release you. In other cases the law does not allow a release on bond, such if you have a criminal conviction for a deportable crime, an old deportation order, or are an “arriving alien” found at the border or on the ocean. In most other cases we can represent you at a bond hearing. Don’t spend more time in jail than you have to. Call us now.

Step 3:

Prepare your defense and fight for your future
Do not believe the judge will let you stay in the U.S. if you just ask nicely. You need to have a solid case that you are entitled to an exception of the strict deportation laws.
Your chances are best if you had a green card and have been convicted of certain crimes, but have lived in the U.S. for 7 years or more, you have not been convicted of any crime, but have a US citizen husband or wife, or US citizen children, and have been living in the U.S. for 10 years or more, and if it would create an extreme and unusual hardship for your family if you were deported.
But even in these cases, you must prepare a well founded case. Do not attempt this alone, but hire an attorney. Your future in the U.S. is at stake.

Your chances are less good if you are single, have prior criminal convictions, or have been deported before. But in some cases, where deportation cannot be avoided, we might be able to ask a judge to let you leave “voluntarily.” That usually means that you will be given several weeks to prepare with your family.
In some cases, “post conviction relief” might be necessary: That means you ask a court to vacate a prior criminal conviction because mistakes were made in that case.

Step 4:

Prepare your waiver application to return to the United States

If deportation cannot be avoided, you might be able to ask the government to come back soon. Usually you will not be allowed to return for many years, but if you receive a waiver, you might be able to come back much earlier.

Waiver applications often are successful if you are married to an US citizen and can prove hardship to him or her because of your deportation. In some cases you might be allowed to return within months. But a waiver application must be very convincing and needs solid evidence. You should not attempt to apply for a waiver without professional help. We will be at your side.

If you are ready to fight for your future in the US:

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What are the chances of avoiding deportation?

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We offer deportation defense for clients in Southern California and Arizona. We offer post conviction relief only for California based convictions.

What will it cost?

Your first call to have your case evaluated is free.

A full defense representation will cost between $ 3,000 and more than $ 10,000, depending on how complex the case is, how often we have to go to court for you, if experts need to be consulted, if appeals will have to be filed and much more. Once we have carefully reviewed your case, we will give an estimate. Before we begin representation, we will ask you to deposit a retainer based on the estimate.