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You are a professional. You have achieved a great reputation in your field. You have extraordinary abilities, you are a teacher or a researcher – and you want to contribute your abilities to our nation. We will advise you and guide you on the way to your green card, to a “national interest waiver,” or to your new employer in the U.S.

You have an academic degree or are a specialist in your field, in the arts, in business, in science, in athletics – together with your empolyer we will find a way to obtain a green card.

After graduating you want to stay in the United States: we will explore with you the options you have.

You want to invest in the American economy, or you want to open your own business by investment. We will help you obtain permanent residency by investment.

Your international corporation wants to send you to the United States to manage their business here. We will obtain the necessary green card for managers and specialists of international companies.

You are a minister of a recognized religious denomination or a religious worker and want to serve your faith in the United States: we will assist you with the legal steps.

In all these cases: Call us for a free consultation now.