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You are married to an U.S. citizen or a green card holder. You want to join your spouse in the U.S.: we will help you navigate the complicated way to obtain a green card, either by “adjustment of status” in the U.S. or through processing an immigrant visa through a consulate abroad. We will handle your petition, advise you on any pitfalls, check your background for problems and, if necessary, prepare applications for waivers.

We also will assist you in obtaining a green card if you are a child, a brother or sister, or a father or mother of an U.S. citizen or a green card holder.

If you are in the United States without authorization or documents, if you have overstayed a visa, if you have a record of problems with immigration or the justice system, we will evaluate your case and advise you about what steps to take. If a waiver is available, we will help you apply for it. We will counsel you about the difficult concept of “hardship.”

If you are planning to marry a foreign citizen, we will advise you on the various options such as immigrant visas, spousal visa, or a fiance visa and their advantages and disadvantages and we will guide you through the process step by step.

If you need help sponsoring an immigrant, we will carefully calculate the necessary affidavit of support and will help you coordinate with a joint sponsor, if necessary.

We will begin your journey to the United States with a free telephone consultation. Don’t wait, give us a call today.