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A Habeas Corpus case means that you are currently in jail or prison and you should not be there: You can claim a constitutional violation or some other very important reason why the system put you in custody and should not have done so. In a habeas corpus case you will ask a state or a federal court  to release you. In some cases a habeas corpus case might even be appropriate if you are not in custody right now, but are under some other restriction by the court.

Often, a habeas corpus case is part of “post conviction relief.” It means that you will start it when everything else, such as an appeal, has failed to correct the wrong. However, there are many important deadlines to observe, so don’t wait too long to find a habeas corpus lawyer to help you.

A habeas corpus case is not easy. You should not attempt it alone but have an experienced habeas corpus attorney on your side. If you or a loved one are imprisoned and you think this is a mistake, ask us if a habeas corpus case might help you.

We take habeas corpus cases only in California.